Top 10 Best ATV Tires In 2018 – Move Your ATV At Ease On All Terrains

The best ATV tires should make driving through the roughest of terrains less of a hassle. They ought to be hardwearing, with a promise of years of service. We’re talking about the kind of tires that would allow you to ride on dunes – the type with tough puncture resistance.

ATV tires, by design, have exceptional shock absorption with reliable traction. Depending on your needs and terrain, you may choose all-purpose, sand, mud, motocross or off-road tires.

Of course, you’d expect nothing short of the ability to withstand an array of weather conditions from the best tires. Indeed, you want a pair that will give value for your money in addition to delivering a firm grip on the surface.

With the correct ATV tires fitted in your automobile, you get to enjoy superior control and can quickly adapt to various road conditions. There’s so much you’d ask in a tire worth investing in so you’re better off knowing which pair offers the best bang for your bucks.

We list down ten of the best ATV tires based on the above points and user satisfaction.

10. WANDA ATV/UTV Tires (Set of 4)


These tires by WANDA are as aggressive as you’d want them to be. Available in a set of four, they’re a good choice if you want a pleasant off-road experience on rocks, mud or loose terrain. The 0.79 inches tread depth offers exceptional traction in the deserts and woods. Other than that, here’s what to expect with these bad boys.

Unrivaled Durability

As stated, one of the considerations to make before you purchase ATV tires is to check their durability. On that front, these tires don’t disappoint. They feature heavy six-ply rated nylon construction that’s resistant to abrasions and punctures. Besides, each tire comes with shoulder lugs to protect the sidewall and the rim.

Note – durability depends on the frequency of use and may vary.

Great Handling

The tread pattern of these tires makes it easy for you to control your vehicle when driving on superfine dirt or snow. Plus, the relatively wide contact surface offers seamless acceleration and braking. To cut to the chase, these are solid, affordable tires with a stellar performance to match. Staying on the road even on a beaten path has never been this inexpensive.

9. GBC Dirt Devil Bias

GBC Dirt Devil Bias

GBC has made a name out of creating serious ATV tires for all terrains including the Dirt Devil, which offers a robust balance between control, traction, and performance. The stiffer sidewall reduces the wobble as you ride while the perfect, chunky tread pattern provides the stability you need on rough trails. What’s more?

Elastic, More Natural Rubber

Even with the best ATV tires, you still need to stay in charge of your ride. The Dirt Devil natural rubber offers accurate, predictable steering and by extension easy handling. While this model may not be suited for fast, aggressive racing or riding, the broadly spaced knobs offer superior traction and easy clean-out.

Ride Well on Muddy Terrains

The Dirt Devil rides well on dry dirt but even better on mud. The six-ply rating works considerably well against punctures and flats. So efficient are these tire on clay that you can drive through a long track on a two-wheel drive. One more thing, the Dirt Devil has a smooth tread pattern and will indeed bring an attractive feel to your racing bike or vehicle.

8. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tires

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tires

Racing enthusiasts call these tires by Carlisle Knobby “awesome” and for some good reasons. First off, they undertake to give you superior consistency, irrespective of the kind of motorsports you’re taking part in. Of course, you’d expect the same out any tire worth your money, right?  It gets even better! You also get to enjoy:

Solid Cornering

The Carlisle Knobby is a tough ATV tire with incredible traction on soft terrain. It also features extensive contact patches making it an excellent tire on rocky and harder surfaces. The two functions combine to give you additional control when taking corners. Now, ask any avid racer and they’ll tell the best tires should offer great steering while cornering.

All-Purpose Design

You can use the Carlisle Knobby on ATVs, fun-karts, side by side and utility vehicles. In essence, the versatility means that this tire can work in almost every other terrain. The only thing you need to remember is that you may need to lower the pressure more so when riding on a hard rocky ground. Even then, be sure to carry a digital tire inflator in your automobile.

7. Pair of Sedona Mud Rebel

Pair of Sedona Mud Rebel

A product of Powersports Bundle, the Mud Rebel, just as the name suggests is for heavy-duty performance on a muddy terrain. Not only are these tires in the mid-range price category but also provide value for your money without the underperformance that comes with cheap, budget-entry ATV tires. Here’s what we mean.

6-Ply Construction

The Mud Rebel’s reliability lies on the robust design. These tires are rugged, allowing you to ride without worrying about sliding or slipping. Their grip on the surface is brilliant too. The Mud Rebel could as well be your to-go-to ATV tire if you live in the mountainous countryside with dirt roads and frequent rainfall.

V-Tread Pattern

Speaking of muddy roads, these tires sport a V-tread pattern to extend usability on snow and hard park. The tire’s paddle is on another level, as is the flotation. The Mud Rebel has a rim diameter of 10 inches and a tread depth of 0.68 inches. It will fit perfectly in your Honda Rancher or 6×6 Ranger.

6. Carlisle HD Field Trax

Carlisle HD Field Trax

Carlisle is known for its street performance tires, but it turns out their ATV tires are equally good. The Field Trax is a solid- mud terrain tire for your racing scooter, garden tractor or mower. In fact, this is one of the best tires to get the job done around your home or garden. We take a close look at this pair and why it makes a worthy choice.

Nice, Wide Grooves

The Field Trax won’t accumulate mud on the treads, which by extension increases durability. The grooves also provide a smooth ride over your lawn or grass. In effect, these are all-around tires, ideal for a host of tasks. Choose between 2 and 4 ply construction for front and rear placement.

Five-star Control

The Field Trax features multi-directional tread pattern to give you adequate traction whenever you ride your automobile. Fans say that the performance of these tires is akin to having a four wheel drive fun-kart or lawn mower. And for those who may want to know, the Carlisle HD has 0.68 inches tread and 8 inches rim diameter.

5. Sun.F A033 ATV Tires (Set of 4)

Sun.F A033 ATV Tires

These are indeed one of the best ATV tires if your goal is to embark on some serious off-roading. They’re even a better pick if you reside in rural areas where you need ride your truck in the field or backwoods time and again. And, considering that they come in a set for, they’re without a doubt a budget-friendly option. The Sun.F A033’s most notable features include;

A Smooth Ride

These tires boast a superior design for a relatively smooth ride on uneven and rough trails. You can use them for desert racing or dirt and muddy terrains. Think of the Sun.F A033 as an all-terrain tire for your tractor, ATV Quad Motorcycle, golf cart or ST trailer.

Extra Large Lugs

Even with all the functionality of ATV tires, you still need to be sure that your truck’s sidewall and rim are not susceptible to unnecessary damage. The Sun.F A033 takes care of that, thanks to its extra-large lugs and shoulder. Meanwhile, the deep tread pattern and radial-like composition provide a smooth ride and protection while keeping traction at its optimum.

4. Kenda K284

Kenda K284

Kenda is synonymous with unbeatable quality, and the K284 isn’t any different. This tire is as good as it gets, with an affordable price tag to match. It is relatively quiet on the highways than other models in its category and a beast on muddy and off-road situations. We scrutinize this tire further.

Reinforced Knob

We’ve already stated that cornering is essential when it comes to ATV tires. Well, the K284 features a shatterproof knob to give you superior tracking and stable steering. It provides an unbelievable grip and won’t push or slide when cornering. Now, that’s some super efficiency that any racer would welcome in his/her RWD 4 wheeler.

Puncture Resistant Casing

If you’ve been a victim of a flat tire, then you know how inconveniencing it can be. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern with the K284 – the hardwearing casing ensures that you enjoy maximum tire pressure even in the toughest of terrains. Moreover, the K284 is arguably one of the best replacement tires on the market at the moment.

3. Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire

Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire

Carlisle makes a return into the best ATV tires list, this time with the AT489C. While this tire’s pattern isn’t one of the most attractive, it brings forth a trailblazing performance. The 3 ply build offers excellent handling in difficult terrains. Other than that, the Carlisle AT489C also provides:

Versatile Performance

This model is flexible and as such can work on rocks, snow, and mud. It is great for sand and trail riding too. Sure, you’ll experience a little more noise and less traction with the AT489C, but if you’re going to use it on rough roads, you can expect nothing short of predictable steering.

Pocket-Friendly Cost

When you consider what the AT489C has to offer, you certainly get some substantial mileage for your cash. It can hold up well against harsh climatic conditions while maintaining a smooth ride. The only thing to remember here is that you need to choose the option labeled 489xl if you want a thicker tread that can handle aggressive terrains.

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299

Kenda Bearclaw K299

Kenda is no stranger to off-road circles, and nothing says so than the Bearclaw K299. This one bags massive points on rocky and sandy terrains as it does on wet surfaces. Plus, you can count on the 6-ply design to keep punctures at bay while offering more clearance. Other features that make the K299 tick include:

Angled Knobs

The Bearclaw K299 seeks to give you some serious control through its angled knobs. The knobs bite deep into the ground for optimal traction. In the meantime, the long-range treads work to give you stability with no sidewall flexing.

Integrated Rim Guard

When riding off the road, the last thing that you want is your wheel to ding or dent. The Bearclaw K299 build-in guard makes sure that your tires clean out as you ride or race. The central lugs provide better control and superior traction, making this model a worthy consideration.

1. ITP Mud Lite (Full Set)

ITP Mud Lite

If you’re more of sand or mild backwoods rider, the ITP Mud Lite could very well be one of the best ATV tires to buy. These strike a perfect balance between the ability to dig you out of a muddy road in the woods and not lagging behind in a desert race. And that’s not all there is to the ITP Mud Lite.

Less Noise

Don’t let the thick tread pattern fool you; these tires are relatively quieter in comparison to other mud-terrain terrain options. With these on your Polaris 4 Wheeler, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck on your hunting trip. Climbing up the rocky hillside shouldn’t be a problem either.

Super Tough Material

The ITP Mud Lite is undeniably a reinforced bad boy ready to take the toughest of challenges. Indeed, the design does bring with it a little more weight, but on the other hand, you won’t have to deal with sidewall puncture when making your way through serrated rocks. Riding on gravel and pebbly areas has never been this easy – and economical!

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