Top 10 Best Cookware Sets In 2017 – From Sautéing to Braising

Look, we want to make your quest for the best cookware sets as smooth as possible. As a matter of fact, we hope that this is the last site you visit in your pursuit for a cookware set. But, before we tell you which are the most sought after sets, let’s look at some basics.

Here’s the deal:

Before you spend your money on cookware sets, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. That way, you will have an easier time deciding which pots and pans can best serve your cooking needs.

We break down it down for you:

Aluminum Cookware – Anodize aluminum pans and pots are lightweight, and resistant to scratch, rust, and denting. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, which by extension means that the pots will cook food evenly without hot spots.

Cast Iron Cookware – These happen to be one of the most popular sets on the market. They’re perfect for browning and simmering. While cast iron cookware is cheap, the pots and pans don’t warm and conduct heat relatively well. The surface is nonstick too. Plus, you can use them in an oven or stovetop.

Ceramic Cookware – If you’re looking for a little extra versatility, then you’re better off with a ceramic cookware set. For starters, these can withstand the heat that would otherwise melt stainless steel. You can also use them to store food in a freezer or refrigerator.

Besides, unlike their metal counterparts, you can use ceramic cookware in a microwave. They don’t require a lot of maintenance to stay in top shape and can handle mild abrasives and scrubbing without taking away the shiny finish. The surface is nonstick. And, ceramic cookware sets are arguably the least reactive.

Copper Cookware – Most users love these pot and pans for their ability to conduct heat. Chefs revere them because they can achieve and maintain exact temperatures.  These are the best cookware sets for preparing sauces, braising and browning. Most come in attractive designs and make a beautiful addition to any kitchen’s countertop.

Glass Cookware – These are cheap, nonreactive and nonporous. Thus, they can handle acidic foods such as tomatoes and light items such as yeast. If you’re wary of heavy metal leaching into your food, this type of cookware sets is an excellent choice.

Glass bakes faster too when compared to metal and retains heat a little bit longer as well. The lids are heat safe which means that you can serve food right out of a hot pot.

Stainless Steel Cookware – A hot favorite among most users, these have alloy bodies made of carbon, nickel, and chromium combo. They’re hardwearing, nonporous, rust-resistant and easy to clean.

Other types of cookware sets include titanium, silicone, porcelain enamel and non-stick cookware.

That said, your search for best pots and pans ought to revolve around the types mentioned above. With that school of thought we list down ten of the most in demand picks based on type, affordability, and usability.

10. Utopia Kitchen Cookware Set

This set by Utopia Kitchen has everything you’d want for your cooking. We’re talking about a frying pan, sauce pan, casserole and cooking spoons. It is an aluminum cookware set. Of course, that means that the pots are superconductive and with outstanding heat retention. In effect, this is an excellent set for cooking stews or braised dishes.

It is dishwasher safe too. Nonetheless, you may consider washing it by hand with warm water to preserve its original appearance.


The Utopia Kitchen Cookware Set indeed offers value for your bucks. You can use it with multiple heat sources including the grill or over a campfire. The nonstick surface allows you to get the best flavor for your food while the pot’s diameter offers the best cooking experience. The only thing you need to remember is that you’ll get the most out of this set if you use it at slightly lower temperatures.

9. T-fal C067SC Metallics Cookware Sets

The T-fal C067SC cookware set is sleek with a shiny bronze metallic exterior finish. Its handles are polished and lacquered to complete the beautiful look. Other than the first class aesthetics, this set also features a thermo-spot heat indicator that lets you know when the pan is hot enough to cook your food. The optimal heat base distributes heat evenly for perfect cooking results.

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Meanwhile, be sure to leverage on this set’s oven compatibility to cook your food with heat levels of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


The T-fal C067SC cookware set makes frying and sautéing smooth and effortless. The patented Expert nonstick technology makes it easy to clean the pans and pots together with metal cutlery. The solid design guarantees months upon months of use which translates to value for your money.

8. Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized Cookware

You must have seen Rachael Ray on television, books or magazines. Now, enjoy a convenient way to make your favorite dishes using this Ray-inspired anodized aluminum cookware. It set features a hardwearing material not only for robustness and durability but also for better heat distribution.

The non-stick interiors and the coated exteriors combine to ensure that cleaning is a breeze. You’ll indeed love the vibrant handles come in Pumpkin Orange, Avage Blue, and Cranberry Red shades. What’s more? The silicone handles can tolerate oven heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit while providing a perfect handhold.


The Rachael Ray Aluminum Cookware set is multihued, time-saving and an exceptional bakeware that’s easy to use. It brings to the fore a unique modern rustic design backed by a welcoming color palette. With this set on your kitchen countertop, you’ll have the essentials you require to make memorable meals.

7. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

Top 10 Best Cookware Sets Recommended by Professional Cooks

Cuisinart has carved a name for itself as a leading brand in the kitchen appliance circles. The Chef’s Classic boasts the same outstanding quality and dexterity the brand is known for. An 11 piece set, it features stainless steel construction for professional performance. It is water repellent, nonporous, and dense. The hard anodized build heats fast to allow you to fix quick meals while eliminating hotspots.

In the meantime, the quantanium cooking surface provides long-lasting food release. The riveted handles remain cool on the stove for convenience and better handling while cooking your meals.


The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic is one of the best cookware sets for rolling boils and low simmers. Be sure to take advantage for the tempered and break resistant covers to monitor your food as it cooks. Plus, the covers lock in moisture and nutrients to keep flavors intact.

6. Rachael Ray Cucina Porcelain Cookware

A work of art by Rachael Ray, this set evokes warmth and hospitality, with a promise to enhance the way to cook at home and during occasions. It features saucepans, skillets and pretty much everything you need to create finger licking food. Trust the hard enamel porcelain to heat your food items evenly, fast. Use the pot and pans to save your cooking time, whether you’re preparing breakfast or fixing your family dinner.

The sauté pan will cook your salmon burgers while the relatively large stock pot will help you make mouth-watering tomato soup or zucchini. Of course, the slotted spoon will come in handy as you turn your ingredients.


Rachael Ray doesn’t disappoint and so it this Cucina Porcelain Cookware. With an ability to handle up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, this unit is usable in all stovetops except induction. The easy to grip handles and vivacious colors are without a doubt a plus.

5. T-fal B165SI Initiatives Cookware Set

Fans hail it as the best cookware set if you don’t have lots of money to spend but still want premium quality. This 18 piece set is modish with a ruby exterior and a harmonizing black interior. With all the essentials for daily cooking, it has glass lids and adjustable knobs to seal the steam for better results. The egg wonder, sauté pans, jumbo cook and a 10-inch griddle as just some of the pieces you get with this set.

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The aluminum fabrication reassures the set’s resilience while the ergonomic handles offer a secure grip for controlled cooking.


If you don’t do a lot of cooking, the T-fal Initiatives is a great cookware set to own. It is oven safe for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and best works in low to moderate heat. The pieces are lightweight and easy to handle enabling you to prepare your meals without operational fatigue.

4. T-fal Thermo-Spot Cookware Set

Ideal for a home chef, the T-fal Thermo-Spot offers an assortment of user-friendly features for easy cooking. The pioneering heat indicator makes sure that you properly preheat the pan, and by extension maintain the food’s flavor whether you’re searing or sautéing. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the pattern at the center of the pan and when it turns red, place your food items to cook.

The T-fal Thermo-Spot’s heavy gauge aluminum cookware provides long lasting strength while the flat heat base gives surety of consistent cooking results.


The T-fal Thermo-Spot is versatile and can prepare most meals. It scrapes easily and even comes with handles with end holes for hanging storage. Will all that it has to offer, this set presents a healthier cooking option more so if you’d rather do without aerosol cooking spray.

3. Vremi 15 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

It doesn’t get better than this cookware set by Vremi regarding affordability and versatility. With up to 15 nonstick aluminum pieces, this set will certainly take care of your day to day cooking needs. The pans and pots come various colors to bring some vigor into your kitchen’s countertop.

The one thing that set this set apart from others in its category is the range of saucepans, ovens, and pots to meet the specific cooking needs of every recipe. One more the thing; every piece is nontoxic and PFOA free.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a cookware set that offers the same handiness as high-end models. In fact, the Vremi 15 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set main selling point is the inexpensive price tag. It could as well make a brilliant gift for your friend who loves to cook.

2. Cook N Home Stainless Steel Set

If you prefer a low-oil diet or are adjusting your feeding habits this season, this stainless steel set is for you. The polished mirror body creates a smooth nonstick surface, thereby eliminating the need to use oil for your cooking. The capsulated disc, reinforced while the aluminum discs provide uniform heating while the glass lid lets you view the food as it cooks.

You can use the pots and pans of this set on an array of heat sources from electric to gas, stovetop, and oven. Now that’s adaptability at it best which also means that you can use the pieces to cook at home and away.


The Cook N Home Stainless Steel Set has sophisticated and sturdy sets of pots that can heat for as quickly as one minute. The frying pans are robust as is the casserole. The only thing you need to remember is to wash in hot water to remove any food deposits.

1. T-fal E765SH Ultimate Cookware Sets

The T-fal E765SH is arguably the best cookware set on the market and for some good reasons. First off, it packs 17 pieces of cooking pieces to handle every cooking need from steaming to frying, sautéing and griddling. The anodized exterior undertakes to give you months upon months of use while the patented TechoResist Anti-wrap base allows you to bake with heat levels of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you intend to invest in cookware sets that will outlive your cooking needs, this is a flexible, reliable and gorgeous option.


Home chefs find this set’s ability to cook quickly and the considerably sturdier build and weight compelling. Among the foods you can prepare with it include ground beef, frozen meals, burger and salmon just to mention but a few for a family of five.

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