The 10 Best Binoculars in 2015 Reviews

For stargazers, bird watchers, and individuals who like to follow fast action sports such as soccer and horse racing up close, binoculars are innovative accessories that comes in handy. They are light, portable, and have powerful eyepieces and lens that focus far objects effectively for the best recreational experience. They are also easy to use, are less bulky than traditional telescopes, and are generally cost effective and recommended for individuals of cadres. For the best experience, however, the 10 best to purchase include:

10. Steiner 2218 10x 42mm Safari UltraSharp Binoculars

Steiner 2218 10x 42mm Safari UltraSharp Binocular, Black

Ranked among the 10 best in binoculars reviews shared online, Steiner 2218 safari is a powerful 10x 42mm binocular with a well-designed and ultra-sharp system that improves its performance. Its UV-coated lenses, for instance, generate clear and high contrast images in all environments. Its rugged and waterproof construction absorbs abuse and bumps well, while the wide 1000 yards field of view that it offers makes it an ideal accessory for stargazing and bird watching. With an original Steiner 2218, you also get ergonomic eye cups that do not irritate the eyes, a comfortable Neoprene Clic-loc neck strap for easy transportation, and a convenient travel case.

9. Bushnell Bear Grylls 10 x 42mm Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell Bear Grylls 10 x 42mm Roof Prism Waterproof/Fogproof Binoculars

Featuring a 100% waterproof case and O-ring sealed eyepiece and lens systems, Bushnell Bear Grylls Roof Prism is a military-grade binocular that works better than most standard models in the market. It is light, portable, and has a novel nitrogen-purged system that offers fog free performance in all environments. Its multi-colored optics and premium BaK-4 prisms offer improved life transmission to create crisp and clear images, while its non-slip rubberized armor works well in wet outdoor environments. Bushnell Bear Grylls binocular has a 10x magnification 42mm objective lens for long-range observation, comfortable twist up eyepieces, and a limited lifetime warranty.

8. Vanguard Spirit XF Binoculars

Vanguard Spirit XF Binoculars, Black

Are you shopping for a durable and powerful binocular with a wide field of view? If you have a tight budget, but want the best of the best in this niche, Vanguard Spirit XF is a high performance accessory with a 10x magnification 42mm objective lens. The lens is durable; responsive up to 332 feet; and has fully coated optics with a 6.35-degree angle of view and 6.9 feet near focus. Its slip-resistant rubber armored casing is waterproof. Its BaK4 phase-coated prisms improve image quality further, while its long 16 mm eye relief eyepieces have ergonomic twist-out eye cups for optimal comfort.

7. Nikon 7294 Monarch ATB 8×42 Binoculars

Nikon 7294 Monarch ATB 8x42 Binocular

Sought-after by both novices and professionals, Nikon 7294 Monarch ATB is a powerful 8x magnification 42mm binocular, with an aesthetic, dent, and water-resistant casing. It has powerful phase corrected prisms with high-reflective multi layer dielectric coating. It also has coated multi-layer lenses and durable multi-setting click stop eye cups that benefit individuals of all cadres. Nikon offers a 25-year limited replacement warranty for this binocular.

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6. Leupold Rogue 8x42mm Porro Binoculars

Leupold Rogue 8x42mm Porro

Rogue Porro by Leupold is an aesthetic black-themed binocular with an innovative 8x42mm Porro Prism design. It offers exceptional three-dimensional (3D) image representation and perfect depth perception. Its waterproof and rugged design using high-grade materials offers years of dependable service to both novices and professionals. Its multi-coated lens system improves color fidelity, image contrast, and clarity, while its sharp optics and eye relief eyepieces make it a dependable everyday binocular.

5. Leupold Acadia Roof Prism Binoculars

Leupold Acadia Roof Prism Binoculars

Leupold Acadia is a professional-grade Roof Prism binocular with a nitrogen filled fog proof propriety design that offers value for years. Its advanced and fully coated objective lenses guarantee smooth focusing in all environments. They also offer an impressive close focus of up to 10 feet and rarely scratch nor condense water and fog as most poorly designed models often do. Leupold Acadia is light, compact, and ergonomic. It offers exceptional roof prism performance and is attainable cheap in reputable Internet based stores.

4. Bushnell Elite Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell Elite Roof Prism Binoculars

A recommended accessory for bird-watching, stargazing, and several other recreational activities, Bushnell Elite is an effective 10×42 full-size roof prism binocular designed to offer top of the line performance in all environments. Its diopter and focus knobs are well placed to ease usage. Its sturdy housing resists dents and water damage, while its comfortable eyepieces and coated objective lenses not only offer a wider field of view, but also lower the risk of developing internal reflections common in most poorly developed models.

3. Bushnell 242408 Excursion HD 8 x 42mm Binoculars

BUSHNELL Bushnell Excursion HD 8 x 42mm Binoculars

If you are shopping for a new binocular and want a well-designed model that offers a wider and vivid field of view than most standard models, Bushnell 242408 Excursion HD is an advanced 8 x 42mm binocular that offers value. It is affordable, has class-leading Excursion HD Hunt optics that offer supreme brightness and contrast levels, and has comfortable plus magnum eye cups that improve image clarity and color fidelity further. You also get Back Roof prisms, multi-colored optics, and a 100% waterproof and fog proof housing.

2. Pentax 8×42 DCF-CS Binoculars

Pentax 8x42 DCF-CS Binoculars

This JIS Class 6 of the renowned Pentax DCF-CS line of binoculars is an advanced 8x42mm binocular with a nitrogen-filled and waterproof design that works well for people of all cadres. It is submersible up to one meter, has phase-coated roof prisms that generate high contrast and high-resolution images, and multi-colored optics that not only improve internal light transmission, but also maximize light transmission in all environments. Pentax DCF-CS is affordable and has a long eye relief eyepiece that boosts comfort.

1. Celestron SkyMaster Giant Binoculars

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter

A bestseller in several stores, this SkyMaster Giant Binocular tops the 10 Best binoculars review for many reasons. Its 15x70mm system with multi-colored optics, for instance, is powerful and has a large aperture design that renders clear and superior images in low light environments. It also has well-placed diopter adjustments settings for fine focusing and long 13 mm eye relief eyepieces that do not irritate eyes. Celestron SkyMaster is affordable, easy to use, and comes with a sturdy tripod adapter for working for long periods.

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