Top 10 Best Snow Brushes For Cars In 2018 – Scrape the Ice Off

Get the best snow brushes for cars, and you’ll never have to struggle to scrape ice off your auto’s windshield and windows.


That said, consider the size of your vehicle when looking for snow brushes for cars. For instance, you will need a brush with a long handle for an SUV or truck in comparison to a small, saloon car. Also, ensure that the brush has an ice scraper on the opposite end to clear snow off the rear window. In simpler terms, the brush ought to be as convenient as possible.

And now, we list down (and review) the best snow brushes for cars on the market guided by functionality, user feedback, and budget.

10. Snow Angel Snow Brushes For Cars – Best for Low-budget

Snow Angel Snow Brushes For Cars

This brush by Snow Angel is an excellent pick if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. In fact, it is the cheapest brush on this roundup. Make no mistakes about it though; it is a good as you’d want it to be. It is reliable and robust, with a promise to have your back during winter. It doubles up as a snow brush and ice scraper for increased convenience.

The telescoping handle can extend up to twenty-four inches and can retract to seventeen so storing it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Just throw in your car’s trunk and use it whenever you need to clear some ice.

This snow brush also features stiff bristles to allow you to swipe away snowfall with relative ease. The ice scraper is straight and sharp to cut through thick ice deposit on your auto’s windshield.

And despite its size, the Snow Angel can cover the entire length windshield of most vehicles including SUV’s, Trucks and small cars.

9. Snow Joe SJBLZD 4-in-1 Snow Broom – Best for Versatility

Snow Joe SJBLZD 4-in-1 Snow Broom

Snow Joe is a leading brand known for the finesse and first-class quality of their products. The SJBLZD is ideal for anyone looking for more than just a snow brush. As the name suggests, this is a four in one unit with a lot to offer.

One of its most notable highlights is the large (18 x 7 inches) non-abrasive foam head with the capability to clear heavy, wet snow off your car without scratching glass, trim or paint. Plus, it is long enough to push show off big trucks.

Another captivating feature of this snow brush is the integrated dual LED lights and emergency blinker. The two functions combine to give you enough illumination to wipe off snow from your vehicle at night. In other words, you can use the SJBLZD at any time of day.

And, just as you’d hoped for, this brush also comes with an ice scraper to clear thick snow buildups on your windscreen. Meanwhile you can auto lock the telescoping handle between thirty to forty-nine inches as per your needs.

8. AmazonBasics Extendable Snow Broom – Best for Big Cars

AmazonBasics Extendable Snow Broom

This snow brown is an excellent choice for big or hard to reach windscreens such as those of trailer trucks. You can adjust its aluminum handle to 54 inches. The ten-inch blade clears a substantial amount of snow in a single swipe while the integrated squeegee makes the cleanup process an absolute breeze.

Other than that, you can retract its length with a simple twist for effortless storage. The AmazonBasics snow broom weighs a mere 0.9 pounds, thus offering leverage if you have multiple cars to clean. In the meantime, the five-inch padding on the handle provides a comfortable grip. It also protects you from the cold metal.

The ice scraper, along with the broad blade will indeed allow you to move more snow than most brushes. Even though this brush has stiff bristles, they’re flexible to bend and in effect prevent abrasion.

The AmazonBasics is a winner, whichever way you look at it. It may be a new entrant in the market, but it’s already starting to create a buzz!

7. Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp – Best for Comfortable Grip

Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp

Let’s face it: clearing snow off your auto isn’t the simplest thing to do, more so if you have to do it on a daily basis. The SnoWisp, however, sports and ergonomic grip complete with thick foam for optimal comfort. It makes an excellent choice if you reside in an area with dense snowfall.

The flagged bristle brush is not only practical but also long-lasting. The hardwearing ice scraper allows you to keep ripping even the dense of ice quickly. You can even unclip the blade from the brush for tight and hard to reach areas.

The other point worth noting is that the SnoWisp measures twenty-six inches and will only work well for small cars.

Nonetheless, it offers a solid performance for its price. And if you’re the colorful type, you’ll love the fact that this brush comes in blue and red hues.

6. BirdRock Home Snow MOOver – Best for Short Individuals

BirdRock Home Snow MOOver

First things first – the MOOver extends a whopping 62 inches, allowing you to reach ice and snow virtually anywhere on your car or truck. If you’re a vertically challenged individual, you’ll undoubtedly love the “expandability.”

This scraper-and-brush combo features a foam pad to make snow removal easy. It is a brilliant alternative if you’d rather not deal with bristles (which may rarely leave faint swirls on your auto’s paint). We like particularly like the jaws on the opposite end of to break up ice before wiping it off.

The only thing to remember is that the MOOver doesn’t have a telescoping handle. It will, therefore, serve you best if you use it only for windshields, side and rear window. Also, note that you can detach the jaw and replace them with an ice scraper (sold separately).

BirdRock Home, the makers for the MOOver, claim to have taken it under rigorous tests in the Rocky Mountains to make sure that they’re up to the demands of keeping your auto free of ice and snow.

5. True Temper Snow Brush – Best for Nooks and Crevices

True Temper Snow Brush

True Temper, a product of the world-renowned AMES Inc. is in a class of its own. You see, one of the most common gripes about snow brushes for cars is that they’re always a probability to damage your vehicle. At times, the bristles are just not soft enough, or the handle is relatively short.

Well, the True Temper eliminates this risk by using an innovative EVA foam brush that will never scratch your vehicle. Essentially, this means that you can also use on parts other than the windscreen and windows. And while the handle isn’t the longest, there’s the thirty-six inch one will take care of business for small cars and SUVs.

Apart from the outstanding functionality, we also vouch for the True Temper as one of the best snow brushers for cars to the clean, tight areas. The unique design enables you to remove snow quickly from areas such as window wells. The True Temper is quite amusing, in our opinion!

4. Hopkins 80037 Subzero – Best for Top-notch Performance

Hopkins 80037 Subzero

The 80037 Subzero is a beast! It has everything you’d want in top-notch snow car brush from the hand grip to the pole style cleaning. It may not be the most affordable option in this countdown, but it offers a pitch-perfect performance that makes it work very buck.

First of all, its handle measures an incredible 60 inches. If the MOOver isn’t long enough for your needs (and you’re willing to spend a little more cash), the 80037 Subzero is a great alternative.

It also had a super broad scraper blade to clean up ice, snow, and frost in a couple of strokes. By extension, this also means that you’ll use less effort. The power chippers undertake to shatter the thickest of ice to keep you in charge.

And to top off what is an already remarkable product, the 80037 Subzero also has a squeegee in addition to the snow broom. The two functions coalesce to help you push the wettest and deepest snow to your auto while withstanding the harsh winter season.

3. SnoBrum Snow Removal Tool – Best for Quick Cleanup

SnoBrum Snow Removal Tool

The SnoBrum features a snow head measuring seventeen by six inches. Arguably the largest snow remover on the market this is for anyone who doesn’t like to spend lots of time scrapping ice. It is ideal for minivans or sport utility cars thanks to the broad snow head.

The moulded polyethylene head is durable, and lab tested for abrasiveness. And if you thought that those are the only reasons the SnoBrum appears in the best snow brushes for cars collection, then you may want to know that it is freeze resistance. You can, therefore, use it in the coldest of temps.

The SnoBrum also comes with a high impact faceplate that hardly gets into contact with your vehicle when cleaning up snow. The telescoping steel handle has one of a kind cold-resistant nylon thread further guaranteeing this tool’s usability.

You must be wondering how far you can stretch this scrapper’s handle. Well, it extends from twenty-six to forty-six inches. The best part? You can also use it to clear snow from hot tub covers.

2. Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom – Best for Easy Handling

Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom

This snow broom weighs 1.2 pounds so clearing up snow and ice from your auto’s windscreen shouldn’t be backbreaking.

Of course, it is from Snow Joe, so you’d expect nothing short of stellar quality. The brand-exclusive dual purpose design combines an oversized eighteen-inch wide broom and an ice scraper so you can clear ice and frost without changing tools.

The non-abrasive foam head sweeps snow while leaving your auto’s paint intact and without damaging glass and delicate surfaces. Even though this snow broom can extend up to forty-six inches, it can retract to twenty-six. In reality, this means that as long as you have room in your car’s truck, you can always bring it along with you wherever you go.

Those who’ve had it say that it’s super easy to use. It will bring you some “awesome” peace of mind when it comes to removing snow on your automobile without pesky scratches.

1. Hopkins 532 Mallory – Best for Durability

Hopkins 532 Mallory

Wrapping up our best snow brushes for cars list is the Hopkins 532 Mallory.​A predecessor of the SnoWisp, it boasts as one of the most durable snow brooms on the market. If you have a small car or a minivan and are in pursuit of a brush to give value for your money, look no further than the 532 Mallory.

It comes with four rows of high-quality bristles to sweep as much snow as possible with a single stroke. The handle measures twenty-six inches for handiness. It is curved too for a comfortable grip. We bet that you’ll love the scraper blade which further makes ice removal painless.​Again, just like most Hopkins snow brooms, this one is available in different colors, giving you a little more choice.

There is so much to say about this multipurpose tool we suggest that you get it for your car. After all, it is one of those snow brushes for vehicles delivers what it promises.

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