Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Cases

The worst nightmare is probably having scratches on your new iPhone 7. Of course, you will be careful when using it, but you will never know. Sometimes, the more you are cautious, the more chances the accidents are going to happen. It’s always a good idea to protect it with cases.

Protect your brand new iPhone 7 with these top 10 best iPhone 7 cases. Whether you are looking for a protection to your phone or simply want to add the new feature to it, you should read our picks for the best 10 cases here.

10. X-Doria Defense Shield Series iPhone 7 Case


Its name says it all. This iPhone case from X-Doria offers a superior defense mechanism to your phone like none other before. The tough case is constructed using lightweight yet a sturdy combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. Additionally, the case is then supported by an all-round anodized aluminum frame to offer your phone maximum protection from regular drops. Moreover, you’ll like its superior cut outs that fits perfectly on your phone’s switch and camera ports. Its buttons are also easy to press, and you have a choice of four to choose from.

9. Maxboost [Vibrance Series] Protective Slider Style iPhone 7 Case


From Maxboost, this is another solid case that will protect your phone from falls and bumps in style. This case’s flexible and softer inner lining is keen to ensure that your phone’s back isn’t subjected to scratches. It also makes it easy to slide in your iPhone. We all love thin cases, and that’s what Maxboost offers. To protect your case from breaking, it comes in 2 sets. The bottom gold part is removable to allow you to remove your phone from the case. You’ll also love its raised edges which protect your phone’s screen in case it falls face down.

8. JETech Apple iPhone 7 Case Cover


If you what you need is superior protection for you iPhone without making it look unnecessary bulky, then we recommend this case. Jetech iPhone cases come in 5 vibrant and beautiful colors to choose from. Its air-brushed corners and a solid bumper ensure a lasting protection for your phone to survive multiple drops. Like other buyers, you’ll also love its clearly marked buttons which are easy to find. Again, its transparent back makes sure that the great Apple logo is always in clear view. Notably, Jetech iPhone Case is way cheaper than most of its competitors.

7. iPhone 7 Case, (Rose Gold) SaharaCase Protective Kit


Sahara is a well-known name in phone accessories. Apparently, they have several leading cases for the iPhone 7. By looking at this case, you’ll confirm that it meets military standards and will shield your iPhone 7 from any harm. Its outstanding design gives you an excellent grip on the phone so there’s no way it can slip from your hands. You’ll also be appealed by its precise cut-outs that make the charging and audio ports easily accessible. Moreover, you can rest assured that your phone’s camera lens will never suffer any scratches. This Sahara Protective Kit also includes a sturdy screen protector giving you the best value for your money.

6. Maxboost HyperPro HEAVY DUTY iPhone 7 Cases


This is another steal from Maxboost. It’s a lightweight but durable case with unique features meant to safeguard your iPhone from daily drops and scratches. This heavy duty case features a unique construction consisting of durable rubber and plastic materials. It has a thick rubberized layer that goes all around your phone to prevent it phone from shock. Again, its rugged back with a soft feel protects your phone from slipping off your hands or surfaces. Besides, this case is also compatible with your iPhone 6.

5. Trainium [Clarium Series] Premium Shock Absorption TPU Bumper Cushion iPhone 7 Case


Protecting your iPhone from falls, drops, and bumps doesn’t necessarily mean hiding its ideal beauty. An ultra clear case like this one from Trainium is an excellent protector and a way to show off your phone’s unique looks. It has been precisely designed to fit iPhone 7. Trainium case has a moderately thick polycarbonate frame that protects your fragile phone all around its edges. Again, its air cushioned corners come in handy to absorb all forms of shock. You’ll also like its rounded and flexible sides that make it easy to put on your phone. However, some reviewers noted that its buttons were somehow hard to press though they soften with time.

4. Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design iPhone 7 Case


If you’re hunting for a sleek case that combines maximum protection and a rich taste, Caseology has what you need. These cases come in 6 different and eye catching colors and blends to choose from. Besides giving your iPhone 7 a stylish and appealing design, Caseology Ergonomic iPhone 7 case also protects it from dust and dirt. Its back has a rubberized grip that not only feels superb on your hands but is also anti-slip. You’ll also love its enlarged ports that allow you to use different accessories without much hassle.

3. Zizo Bolt Cover Heavy Duty Armor [Military Grade] iPhone 7 Case


At a glance, you’ll tell that this case is heavy duty and reliable. This case is made of several layers of a shock-absorbing material with unique engineering to give your phone a stylish design and unbeatable drop protection. Its rubberized outer layer feels soft on your hands and slides easily in and out of your pocket. It has extra strips not only for aesthetic purposes but also for a safer grip. The buttons are well covered and are super soft so that you won’t break your nails on them. Zizo Armor Case has been subjected to military drop tests and has been certified, so you have less to worry about.

2. Caseology [Skyfall Series] Transparent Clear Enhanced Grip iPhone 7 Case


Here is a transparent case that will shield your iPhone from drops and falls while still dazzling the world with its beauty. You can choose from Gold, Jet Black, Rose Gold and Silver colors. This case isn’t overly bulky and doesn’t add to your phone’s weight. Caseology Skyfall Series has precise cut-outs for the camera and charging ports. Its rocky cover buttons are also sturdy, on-place, and soft. This sleek case uses robust yet flexible acrylic and polycarbonate materials to make it tough and to withstand scratches, bumps, and others.

1. Dreem Fibonacci iP7V1 RFID Wallet Case with Detachable Folio


Dreem has been known to create outstanding leather products. This one is one of its best. With Dreem Fibonacci iPhone 7 Case, you don’t have to carry your wallet with you. You can easily fit in up to 4 cards in this wallet phone case thereby reducing the items in your pocket. This top notch case boasts durable leather with breathtaking stitches that make it worth each buck. Dreem Wallet Case features a sturdy plastic frame to protect your phone edges from dings and scratches. In addition, these leather cases come in several colors so you can choose one that compliments the color of your iPhone.

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