Top 10 Best Photography Lighting Sets Reviewed In 2017

When searching for the best photography lighting sets, start by deciding whether you want strobe, continuous or speed light. That way, it becomes easier to narrow down your options and most importantly get a kit that best serves your needs.

And, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or hobbyist photographer, knowing what a particular set means for the quality of your images is essential. Before you spend your money, ask yourself – why I’m I purchasing this flashlight kit? The idea here is to analyze the set you hope to acquire and determine whether it has the functions you need to spruce up your shots.

Of course, a basic lighting kit should have a broad source of light, a hair light, and a softbox/umbrella. You should also check the battery power, wattage, flash duration and recycle time to ensure that they’re in line with your requirements.

With that in mind, we now review ten of the best photography lighting sets at the moment guided by the benchmarks stipulated above. Now, your dream kit is a click away! Read on!

10. Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit

If you’re just starting out with photography, this set is for you. It features lightweight aluminum tripods and first-class support bars to give you the stability you need to take that perfect shots. Those who’ve used it hail the robust construction, reliable lighting, and versatility. Here are the reasons it caught our attention.

Easy to Setup

Taking clear, beautiful photos is hard enough, and the last thing that you want is a lighting set that will complicate the entire process. Well, it doesn’t take much to set up this kit. All you have to do is to put the support stand and the umbrella stand in place, and you will be shooting in a minute. In fact, you’ll love having this unit in your home studio more so if you’re a DIY enthusiast.

45Watts Digital Light Bulb

This kit’s ability to give you a perfectly lit studio isn’t in question thanks to the bright digital bulbs. And you don’t have to worry about scaling power bills. The bulbs save up to eight percent energy, allowing you to shoot for hours.

9. Linco Lincostore Photo Studio Kit

The Lincostore weights slightly over thirty pounds, enabling you to transport it from studio to studio with relative ease. It features a medium-sized softbox and three-color muslin, making it an excellent choice for product photography, art, and portraits. Other reasons you’d want to have this set as part of your photo studio equipment include:

4-Socket Light Head

The Lincostore light bank undertakes to give you a perfectly lit studio. It even has a ceramic cap and base protector for a remarkable setup for your photography. And the best part is the fact that you can upgrade the stand support kit as you shooting needs change.

Innovative Softbox

The Lincostore comes with a new designed auto-pop up soft box complete with an integrated flat and duffel bag for increased portability. The 2000 fluorescent bulbs bring forth the dexterity you need for professional-grade photography. Also, it will take you only a few minutes to set up.

8. Emart 600W Continuous Lighting Kit

The Emart is one of the best photography lighting sets on this list if you’re on a tight budget. An equally great kit for beginners, it brings to the fore well-thought-out functionality for flawless photography. The package includes a tripod stand adjustable to a height of 83 inches. Essentially, this means that you can adjust it to for any lighting condition. We take an even closer look at the Emart and what it has to offer.

5500K Full Spectrum Continuous Photo Bulb

This set may be inexpensive but doesn’t fall short when it comes to performance. It features a 5500K energy saving CFL bulbs to make your scenes as natural and vivid as possible. Meanwhile, the translucent umbrella works to soften and spread the light beam thereby eliminating spots and glare. It also helps improve contrast and increase highlights.

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Heavy Duty Construction

The aluminum alloy stands are robust enough to handle the demands of a busy photo studio. The lamp holders have a high impact plastic and aluminum casing for durability. The only thing you need to remember is that while the Emart comes with nine feet cords, you may have to get extension cords and a power strip for increased usability.

7. ePhoto Photography Lighting Sets

The ePhoto is a simple kit with a 1600 watt output. It is versatile too and can work for video and photography as well as location projects. The two black umbrellas guarantee a high backdrop while the set of eight 45 watts bulbs assure you of enough lights. Moreover, the 24 inches light holders come in handy when taking macro shots. Other reasons this unit make a great pick include;

Large Softbox

Ask any experienced photographer, and they’ll tell you that the size the softbox ultimately determines the quality of your shoot. The ePhoto has a relatively large softbox, allowing you to diffuse light properly to reduce harsh shadows. The size, by extension, helps you get better quality images more so when shooting indoors.

Easy to Control Lighting

The best flashlight kit should be easy to control. The makers of the ePhoto understand that too well and as such have placed the on/off switches conveniently to help you manage your photography even better. In fact, it is this level of dexterity that makes this set ideal for table-top shots and product/portrait photos.

6. LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Light Kit

First things first, the LimoStudio is a three point set with incredible backdrop support. You can adjust the light stand to a maximum height of 100 inches, making it an excellent choice for tall individuals. In the meantime, the reliable locking system assures your unit’s safety. Here’s what you should expect with this kit:

Convenience-Focused Design

The LimoStudio is all about helping you get the best out of your photography. Everything about this unit from the umbrella light reflector to the digital light bulbs and color temperature aims to give you solid shots with a green backdrop. It is a stellar set more so if your work is on location and looking for a unit that will incorporate simulated light.

Full Package Kit

One of the things that set the LimoStudio apart from the competition is the “complete package” stature. It comes with three muslin backdrop, a lighting diffuser reflector, and a chroma key studio background. In simpler terms, it has all the components a professional or amateur photographer/video maker would want for their work. The 85 watts light bulbs add quality to an already exceptional product.

5. CowboyStudio Triple Flash Kit

The CowboyStudio is one of the best photography lighting sets for professionals. An outstanding unit for video production, it is a four piece kit with two seven foot stands, three energy saving daylight bulbs and one mini light stand. But, enough with the parts, here’s what makes it a good choice other than the affordable price tag.

Performance You’ll Love

The CowboyStudio is lightweight, versatile and hardworking. It boasts two white umbrellas and three light sockets to bring forth a great shooting environment. You can trust the black anodized aluminum stands to last for years. And at 13 pounds in weight, you shouldn’t have a problem moving this set from one place to the other.

Top-Notch Lighting Bulbs

The CowboyStudio’s incandescent bulbs have an average life of 10,000 hours. And the best part is that they will save you up to 90 watts of energy. They’re flicker free, and UL listed for safety. Of course, the 5500 K color temperature makes this set an ideal choice for YouTube videos or Facebook shots with a soft glow that showcases your physical traits or those of your subjects.

4. Neewer 100 V Studio Light Kit

A relatively new entrant into the market, this set by Neewer is perfect for clothes photography. Previous users say that it works best when used in a dark room which makes it ideal for home studios. It features tall light stands with three leg stages and strong locking ability for safety when in use. The single head light holder is robust enough to handle a substantial weight and to hold up well in tough conditions. Other features to look out for in this kit include:

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Perfect Light Balance

The Neewer sports a softening light stream to make sure that the illumination is neither too dim nor overly bright. The stream also helps get rid of shadows, thus giving you irreproachable results. Plus, you can fiddle with the umbrella and adjust the mount to its best angle, allowing you to take exceptional photos with every shot.

One of a Kind Softbox

The Neewer features a relatively large softbox and is therefore exemplary for fashion photography or portrait shots. It can also work well with medium to large product photos. And for those who may be concerned, this set has a color temperature of 5500K.

3. Neewer 800W Photography Kit

If you have the money to spend or are a professional photographer in search of a high-end unit, the Neewer 800W is for you. It comes with four seven feet light stands, two single head light holders and 45 CFL daylight bulbs. You also get two umbrellas, two softboxes, and a muslin backdrop as well as six backdrop clamps. And, this is what you should expect with these components.

Unparalleled Productivity

Opportunities are endless with the Neewer 800W set. First of all, the light stand is not only stable by hard wearing to virtually every shooting/ recording task. The single action locks offer fast and accurate height adjustment while the single light holder lets you experiment with various bulbs as per your needs. Besides, the E27 socket allows you to connect slave flash and fluorescent lamps.

Innovative Softbox

One of the considerations to make before spending your money on any flashlight kit is the softbox. This set features two 60×60 cm softboxes that diffuse the light when you want high-quality shots. Also, the long cords allow you to move the softbox freely to a position that will give you the best possible lighting effects.

2. LimoStudio 700W Lighting Kit

The LimoStudio 700W is easy to setup and will “blow you away” with what it can do to your shots. It comes with a high-quality nylon softbox reflector with a silver internal face to reduce light loss and increase light spread. The two levels of control ensure that you’re in charge of the amount of light on your subjects. Other functions worth noting include:

Powerful Lighting

While the LimoStudio 700W doesn’t come with muslin background, it provides high illumination to make up for it. It supports 85 watts light bulbs with 6500K color temperature for pure, balanced while light. And, the fact that it doesn’t offer muslin background means that you can experiment with different backdrop papers which translate to increased versatility.

Premium Flash Strobe Light Stand

The LimoStudio 700W boasts streamlined standard mounting stand to handle the rigors of outdoor shooting. You can adjust the stand up to a height of 86 inches too. The umbrella and the softbox fold easily for effortless storage and portability.

1. LimoStudio 600W Lighting Kit

LimoStudio 600W continues to impress with their world-class kit. This unit is arguably the best photography lighting set if simplicity is what you’re looking for. It comes with two 33-inch white umbrella reflectors to spread the light efficiently and allow your camera to capture the every spectrum of color. Some of the functionalities that make this kit tick include;

Highly Featured Stand

The LimoStudio 600W lighting stand has a ¼ standard size screw thread to give this set unmatched mounting capability. Be sure to use the adjusting levers for a safe, reliable lock while enjoying the swift, smooth release. The three solid legs provide the stability you need for clear-cut shots.

Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Moving around with your lighting set can be hectic. Nonetheless, portability shouldn’t be a cause for concern with the LimoStudio 600W. It comes with a durable, hard wearing carry case bag which makes it easy to carry and store this kit. You also get a separate bag to transport the bulbs.

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