Protecting your laptop from scratches and accelerated damage, you need the very best laptop sleeves in 2017. Laptops cost quite a fortune and must be properly cared for if you are to benefit from them and get good value for your money. Getting yourself a good and waterproof laptop sleeve is advised to keep your laptop safe from damage. Having a stylish laptop sleeve with a good design will improve your looks and send out a statement of class. We have detailed some of the best laptop sleeves in 2017 that are easy to install and remove. They offer good value for money, and a must check out in 2017. Have the patience to read through the list to see if you can find one that suits your needs.

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10. iBenzer Deluxe laptop sleeve

iBenzer - Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Bag Cover Case For all 13-inch laptop computers - Macbook Pro 13 Macbook Air 13 Macbook Pro retina display 13' (Gray BH-MP13GY)

The iBenzer is another durable and lightweight laptop sleeve with a unique design that makes it appealing and attention grabbing. It is made of the durable neoprene material that ensures your laptop and accessories remain protected at all times. The sleeve perfectly fits all 13 inches laptops and notebooks. The inner lining is padded further protecting the laptop from scratches and shocks. The iBenzer is one of those high-quality laptop sleeves to get with a friendly price.

9. Mosiso Chevron Hot Blue Canvas Fabric sleeve

Laptop Sleeve, Mosiso Chevron Hot Blue Canvas Fabric 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Notebook MacBook Air Pro Case Bag (Inner Dimensions 15.16 x 0.79 x 10.63 inches) with Samll Case for MacBook charger

The Mosiso features an outer canvas case that is beautifully decorated with the chevron style patterns. It enables you to carry your laptop uniquely without worrying about damages. The Mosiso features polyester foam padding and a fluffy fleece fabric that protect the laptops from bumps and shocks when on the road. The top zipper is also smooth and allows you to access your laptop easily. It is slim and lightweight and not one to add more weight to that of the laptop.

8. Inateck Pro Retina Sleeve Covers

Inateck 13.3 Inch MacBook Air Retina Macbook Pro 12.9 Inch iPad Pro Sleeve Case Cover Ultrabook Netbook Carrying Case Protector Bag - Grey

The Inateck is made of synthetic materials that are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable making it an environmental friendly sleeve. The Vecro closure is made of synthetic leather that keeps the laptop safe. The feel of the outside material is of high quality with a soft flannel inside that keeps the laptop protected from scratches and shocks.

7. Lacdo 13-13.3 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case Bag


Laptops are expensive, and they carry vital data and information that we wouldn’t want to lose to the rain. As such we need a waterproof case like this one from Lacdo. This case is both luxurious and protective. It’s ideal for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air as well as other standard-sized laptops. It’s made of a sturdy material that makes it comfortable to carry and is durable. This laptop is known for its beautiful color and luxurious look and feeling. They also liked the fast delivery of the case. Others also loved its comfortable and protective padding. Additionally, it was tested and found to be reliably waterproof.

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6. EveCase Laptop Sleeve


Are you looking for a laptop sleeve that’s both beautiful and protects your laptop? Evecase Laptop Sleeve is a safe bet. Its 12.50 inches x 8.50 x 1.00 inches inner measurements make it ideal for several types of laptops. You can also carry several accessories in the bag without it becoming unnecessarily bulky. It also has a great top-loading design and sturdy zipper. Additionally, they liked its stylish design and water resistance. Some also loved the pyramid shaped cover which absorbs most of the day-to-day shocks and dinks protecting your device.

5. ProCase 14 – 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case


This case has several top-notch features to boast. To begin with, it’s handy and stylish. You can use it for work, school or travelling. ProCase is made of a soft, comfortable and solid material that adds to its super design. Additionally, its excellent padding protects your laptop from unforeseen scratches, dust, and dirt. Its most striking feature that made others love it was its roomy zippered compartment which had a soft inner lining. This makes it easy to slip the device in and out. Also, they liked its extendable handle which not only added to its superb design but also made it easy to carry. Still, others loved its exterior zippered side pocket into which you can stack a few other accessories like chargers, Flash discs, SD cards, and ID, etc.

4. Kamor 13 13.3 14 inches Water-resistant Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Case


This Kamor Sleeve Case is a tough one to beat. It’s attractive and features a simple yet outstanding design. It has enough space compatible with several types of laptops. Also, it’s slim and can either be carried alone or be slipped inside another bag. Its 0.22’’ thickness offers incredible protection to your computer. Reviewers were awed by its great stitches that make it more solid and durable. They also praised its plastic covered zipper which made it easy to open and close the bag. Moreover, it was a great choice as it is 100% waterproof.

3. Kamor 15 15.6 16 inch Water-resistant Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Case Bag


This is yet another high-end laptop sleeve case from Kamor. Unlike the other one, this is more spacious and can, therefore, accommodate bigger laptops. Similarly, it’s made of high-quality neoprene material and is also durable. It’s spacious enough to accommodate a laptop and other items for instance mouse, charger, paperwork, amongst other accessories. Kamor 15 is top loaded. Its zipper opens from one end to the other making it easy to slip the laptop in and out of it. Also, its padded interiors offer some cushion to your computer thereby protecting it from daily bumps, scratches, dust, and dirt. Most importantly, it comes with a 12-months warranty.

2. Case Logic LAPS-116 15 – 16-Inch Laptop Sleeve


If you’re looking for a sleeve case to give you a professional look while protecting your laptop, then you’ve got it. This laptop case comes in an elegant design for your elegant devices. It’s amongst the most spacious laptop sleeves built with a high-quality material with an all round cushioning to offer your gadget maximum protection. Again, this awesome sleeve can be used alone or put inside another bag. It has a reliable and smooth sliding zipper plus an interior lip to protect your laptop from being scratched by the zipper. Additionally, the zipper runs from one end to the other and some inches downwards making it easy for you to slide your laptop in or out even without getting the sleeve out of the backpack.

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1. AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

This Amazon Basics Laptop sleeve is the best selling this year not only because of its steal price but also due to its performance. This sleeve is ideal for laptops and other devices with 13.3’’ display. Most reviewers recommended it for the Mac Pro since it fits in pretty well. Additionally, Amazon Basics Sleeve is made of 100% high-quality polyester that offers your laptop maximum protection from any form of impact. This heavy duty material is also durable and waterproof. Additionally, it features a slim, lightweight design that makes it easy to use either solo or by sliding it in another bag.


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