With the every-growing burglary statistics worldwide, millions of homeowners are constantly on the lookout for advanced security measures to keep their homes and personal belongings safe from prying eyes. Even though traditional system such as locks and even circuit television systems work well, glass break sensors are novel yet underrated accessories that come in handy in several ways. Well-installed, for instance, they are perfect for monitoring window vibrations during the day and at night. They are also perfect for monitoring prying and cutting and come with loud alarms that warn users of impending threats. Currently, the top 10 best in 2017 are:

10. Visonic MCT501

MCT501 - Visonic Wireless Glass Break Detector

Featuring an advanced wireless technology and a compact and ease to install design that works on all window types, Visonic MCT501 is a versatile glass break sensor that offers professional-grade security is a simple and cheap package. It is durable, has a patented glass-break detection technology that offers dependable and real-time results, and has a powerful wireless transmitter with a better range that many comparable models. Installation is a breeze. The high-grade ABS plastic used to manufacturer it durable, while the limited warranty offered guarantees users value.

9. SABRE Window Glass Alarm

SABRE Window Glass Alarm

Are you looking to protect your glass sliding doors and windows from burglars and prying eyes without spending a fortune on private security? SABRE Window Glass Alarm might be the product for you. It is cost-effective, easy to install, and has advanced high and low sensitivity settings that lowers the risk of false triggers when in use. This is invaluable, particular to those with pets and or live in windy areas. The visible alarm that it generates deters users from breaking in to homes. The low battery detection function notifies you when to replace, while premium ABS plastic body is not only durable, but also has a stylish finish that blends well in homes. Forget about paying monthly monitoring fees with this professional-grade sensor.

8. Reliance Controls THP213

Reliance Controls THP213 Vibration-Sensing Window Alarm

A powerful vibration-sensing window alarm, Reliance Controls THP213 is an invaluable household accessory with a compact and portable design that you can also use to secure your recreational vehicle on your numerous trips. It is durable, draws power from a long-lasting three-button cell battery, and has a 100dB alarm that not only deters criminals from breaking into your home, but also notifies you of potential break ins. It is also affordable, has an innovative peel and stick system that does not require skill to install, and comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

7. Mace 80202

95dB Window Alarm

Durable, affordable, and recommended for use in homes and recreational vehicles such as yachts, Mace 80202 is a reliable 95dB window alarm with a compact and highly sensitive design that detects window breakage and or tampering accurately. The vibration-activated system offered works efficiently. Its durable plastic body has a non-staining peel and stick design that is easy to install on all window types, while its affordable and non-subscription design benefits individuals with a tight budget. Mace 80202 draws power from most standard replaceable dry cell batteries.

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6. 2gig GB1 Glass Break Detector

2gig GB1 Glass Break Detector ETL Listed

Featuring an advanced dual shutter technology that monitors the environment for the sound of breaking glass, 2gig GB1 is an ETL-listed glass break sensor with a powerful wireless technology that with an impressive 360-degree range. It is sturdy, has a tamper protected plastic casing, and has a durable Lithium ion battery pack that keeps it powered for up to five years. Unlike most cell and battery powered models, therefore, you no longer have to recheck your device often to make sure that it is working optimally. 2gig GB1 Glass Break Detector is easy to install, has an impressive detection range of 15 feet, and has a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

5. Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm (4 Pack)

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK is an ultra-slim package of four window alarms that work well in homes, dorm rooms, offices, and even recreational vehicles. The innovative vibration trigger technology offered discriminates wind and rain well to lower the risk of false positives. Its ultra-slim design installs conveniently out of sight, while the loud 100dB alarm it comes with alerts you instantly of all potential break ins in your property. You also get three button cell batteries that keep it well-powered for long and a simple peel and stick system that eases installation.

4. Honeywell Intellisense FG-730

Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 Dual Flex-Guard Audio Glass-Break Detector

Recommended in top 10 best glass break sensors reviewed in 2017, Intellisense FG-730 is a field proven glass break sensor with a unique dual-flex guard audio principle that does not disappoint over the years. It monitors vibrations and broken glass sensitively. It also has advanced signal filtering and signal verifying systems that minimize false positives, and has a powerful system that covers a broad range in homes with minimal setup and or monitoring. All components are solid and well made. It is also stylish and retails a few dollars in reputable web and offline stores.

3. Honeywell 5853

Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector

Designed to cover up to 25 feet of indoor space, Honeywell 5853 is a commercial-grade glass break sensor with a reliable wireless technology that offers on demand protection. The compact 5-inch wide by 3.1-inch deep design offered install flush on walls and ceiling boards. It is also easy to install, has an Integrated Circuit (ASIC) sound-processing technology that analyses amplitude and duration up to 50% faster, and a professional-grade FlexCore signal processor with four selectable sensitivity settings, 10-year battery life, and an innovative test mode that you can activate remotely. Honeywell offers a two-year warranty for an original model.

2. Digital Security Controls DSC AC-100 AC100

Digital Security Controls DSC AC-100 AC100 Acuity Digital Glassbreak Detector w/ Form a Alarm Cont

By choosing Digital Security Controls DSC AC-100 AC100, you get a digitized acuity glass break sensor with an advanced micro-processor-based sensor, a top of the line omnidirectional microphones, and a transient and static protected design that offers value on a budget. The integrated white noise rejection feature offered minimize interference. Its alarm system has a latching LED light that offers visual alarm, while its CE and FCC approved design is safe for monitoring all windows.

1. BOSCH Security Video DS1108I

BOSCH SECURITY VIDEO DS1108I Glass Break Detector (round) 25 Ft (NA)

Topping our list, BOSCH Security Video DS1108I is a well-designed ceiling and wall-mountable glass break sensor that covers up to 25 feet. It is durable, perfect for both double and single door use, and has a motion detecting system that boosts its sensitivity further. As most high end models, BOSCH Security Video DS1108I is affordable, easy to install, and works with security and surveillance cameras.

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