Call it technological advancement or innovation at its best, but electric blankets are quite a phenomenal. Heated blankets, as they referred to at times, feature a series of thin wires that work by warming up your bed. You may opt to plug your blanket into an electricity source a couple of hours before going to bed or throughout the night. That said, here are the most reviewed electric blankets to help to make your bed warm and cozy when it’s chilly outside.

10. Sunbeam Channeled Velvet Plush Electric Blanket

Soft and comfy, this blanket presents a smart way to keep your bed warm while saving on energy bills. It comes with customizable heat settings for optimal comfort as you sleep. This blanket boasts the exclusive Thermofine warming technology to monitor and automatically adjust temperatures while you sleep. And because of its 100% polyester fabric, this blanket is not only a thing of beauty but also remarkably soft. The hemmed edges together with the elegant channel pattern add on to the Sunbeam’s classy look.

09. Sunbeam Heated Fleece Electric Blanket

Move from cold to warm within minutes with this heated blanket featuring five heat settings and shuts off every 10 hours. It is big and even comes with a six-foot extension cable for increased convenience. Undoubtedly one of most sought after electric blankets in its category, this piece is designed to check temperatures every 20 seconds to give you peace of mind while you rest. The Sunbeam Heated Fleece promises to help you save on heating bills! Who wouldn’t want such a blanket in their bedroom?

08. Biddeford Knit Electric Blanket

The Biddeford weighs a mere 4.2 pounds which make it usable both on the bed or sofa. In fact, at such weight, you can even use it together with other blankets for ultimate warmth and comfort. It has 10 personalized heat settings and backed by a relatively long five-year warranty. Cleaning this blanket isn’t a problem as it is machine washable and dries pretty fast too. Best of all, it comes in a reusable zipper bag complete with a handle so storing it during warmer days shouldn’t be a hassle either.

07. Sunbeam Full Size Electric Blanket

Sunbeam is a serious brand, and it’s not surprising that their electric blankets keep popping up on this list. Available in four fascinating colors, this is the piece to go for if you want to regulate the temperatures in you a bed at the push of a button. Apart from a set controller, it also comes with a digital display to allow you to tell the exact amount of warmth it is bringing to you bed at any particular moment. And just so you may know, the Sunbeam full-size electric blanket has ten heat settings, and can shut off automatically at 10-hour intervals.

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06. Biddeford Soft Microplush Electric Heated Blanket

The blanket from Biddeford is unquestionably dreamy. It is large enough to fit most beds, whether you’re talking about a standard, twin or king size bed. But that’s not the best part yet. You know what is? It boasts a well thought out, unique heating system allowing you to stay wrapped in its warmth during the cold winter nights. The Microplush also is controlled through dual analog dial switch for larger sizes. And just like other Biddeford electric blankets, it will keep temperatures in check throughout the night.

05. Soft Heat Luxury Electric Blanket

This piece from Soft Heat is worth checking out. A flagship in the brand’s collection of heated blankets, it features the softest micro fleece material you’d ever find. It is notably smooth not to mention that its sports an attractive Triple-Rib design. It assures even heating from head to toe thanks to the ultra-thin wires that ensure warmth penetrates to your bed without cold or hot spots. It even has two separate zones, each with dual lighted controls, so tailor-made adjustments.

04. Biddeford Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

This is one of a kind piece and certainly deserves to be in our top 10 collection of electric blankets. It is Microplush on the outside and Sherpa on the inside which means you still get to stay warm irrespective of which side you choose to cuddle. Available in a host of colors the Biddeford Sherpa mimics your regular blanket, and you can hardly notice the wires tucked between the fabrics. With the ability to shut off on its own, you can keep your eyes closed until morning without worrying that your bed will become excessively warm.

03. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

This quilted fleece from Sunbeam is one of the thinnest electric blankets on the market. It features an EasySet Pro controller to keep you in charge of the heat and a channeled construction for a luxury touch. Besides, you and your spouse can use the backlit, auto-dimming controllers to enable each one of you can enjoy maximum toastiness. With this blanket as part of your bedding material, you can save up to 15% annually of heating costs. And with all it has to offer, you will certainly have a reason to look forward to getting on your bed every night.

02. Sunbeam Heated Throw

Are you looking for an electric blanket without necessarily spending too much? If so, this heated throw is your best option. It is roomy and will cover your entire body during the coldest of weathers. The walnut luster of this piece’s fabric looks sensational and lovely while swathed and folded over your sofa or on top of your bed. You don’t have to worry about its performance despite the price. The Sunbeam Heat Throw comes with 3 heat settings and an equivalent automatic shut off time for absolute comfort.

01. Sunbeam Heated Blanket – Queen

Just when you thought that Sunbeam couldn’t feature in our list anymore, we throw in this piece, which is arguably the best electric blanket on the market. With an assortment of abilities such as ten heat settings, automatic shut off and a sensor that adjusts to your room’s temperature, this blanket offers and an excellent way to help you relax after a long, tiring day. It has a furry texture feeling and is ideal for year-round use.

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