Top 10 Best Chef’s Knives Reviewed For 2017

The best chef’s knives will certainly help you prepare meals smoothly and fast. For starters, these are not your typical kitchen knives but rather premium pieces of cutlery that can handle a host of tasks from cutting to peeling, chopping and anything else in between. While you don’t have to be a culinary expert to use a chef’s knife, you must choose the best unit among the many brands to reap the most benefits. We compile a list of the top 10 chef’s knives to help you buy your knife from a point of information.

10. Ultimate Kitchen™ PROFESSIONAL 8” Chef Knife

If you don’t mind the classic knife design, you should consider buying the Ultimate Kitchen chef’s knife. With its durable high alloy steel and deluxe Pakka wood handle, this knife is ideal for mincing, slicing, dicing, and chopping. Because of its heavy-duty construction, the PROFESSIONAL 8 can retain sharpness longer than a standard chef’s knife. Besides, it’s ready to use thanks to its razor-like sharpness right out of the box. And if you had any doubt about this knife’s quality, it may catch your attention to know that a five-year replacement warranty covers it!

09. Ultimate PRO 8” Chef Knife & 7” Santoku Knife Set

Are you tired of food sticking to your knife’s blade as you cut? Check out the Santoku Knife Set and prepare your ingredients fast and with precision. With the ability to accomplish a variety of tasks from slicing zucchini to dicing large chunks of steak this set will certainly become a mainstay in your kitchen. What’s more? The professional balanced design provides a firmer for high-end cookery. The Santoku may very well outlast your cooking, judging by the quality of high-end steel used to make it, which, in essence, translates to value for your money.

08. Premium Class 8-Inch Chef Knife

Made by Utopia Kitchen, the Premium Class is a multipurpose chef’s knife for individual and professional use. If you’re having a party or regularly entrain guest at your home where lots of cutting is required, be sure to view this knife. With an 8 inch blade that can cut easily through large pieces of food, you’re never in doubt about what this unit can do in the kitchen. That, coupled with the ABS+430 s/s handle and you get a knife that’s highly efficient and easy to use. To cap it all, the Premium Class chef’s knife is dishwasher safe.

07. Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

If you’re scouting for a knife that will take care of heavy duty tasks such as cutting thicker vegetables, the Wusthof Classic makes an excellent choice. Because of its weight and balance, it is also one of the most versatile chef’s knives on the market. It even has a finger guard to guarantee your safety during use. As far as longevity is concerned, one shopper says that she’s used it for over two decades! Trust Wusthof when it comes to high-quality, long lasting kitchen appliances.

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06. Blue Key World Chef’s Knife

Appreciated by world class chefs, housewife and occasional cooks, this is undoubtedly one of the best chef’s knives you lay your hands on at the moment. With a near perfect rating, it is designed to help you prepare your ingredients effortlessly whether its fish, poultry, herbs, meats, fruits or vegetables. The Blue Key World chef’s knife is a perfect alternative to the Ultimate PRO 8” especially if you don’t like the Santoku design. Check it out and enjoy the 30-day happiness guarantee!

05. Hiroshi Nakamoto Chef Knife Set

Bring the antique Japanese feel into your kitchen with this chef’s knife set from Hiroshi Nakamoto. Featuring four knives, Gyutou, Nakiri, Santoku Deba and Petty, this is the ultimate collection for preparing Western cuisine, chopping vegetables or any other type of food you’d think of, from sushi to sashimi. While each knife has its distinct use and purpose, all have high profile blades and an ergonomic design to ensure that knuckles stay above the cutting surface. Best of all, the Hiroshi Nakamoto chef’s knife set is assembled in a 40-step process so you can bet they’ll provide years of reliability.

04. Ultimate Kitchen Rust Resistant Chef’s Knife

Making it into our top 10 best chef’s knives list is this knife from Ultimate Kitchen. For a cooking enthusiast on a tight budget, this is an ideal choice. It is stamped so you won’t have to bother about sharpening or maintenance for some time. While this is not one of the heaviest knives on the market, it is heavy duty and has a nice, Pakka wood handle and an 8-inch blade for maneuverability. And for its price, it comes with a surprisingly long warranty.

03. Kitchen Galaxy Chef’s Knife

Bring a sophisticated, elegant accent to your kitchen, with this chef’s knife that is sleek, lightweight and one that would also make a fantastic gift for your friend who loves to cook. It has a non-slip handle and will cut through almost anything with a few moves. The Kitchen Galaxy also comes with a helpful brochure to ensure that you use it to perfection. Also, the food grade, FDA material assures not only optimal safety but also superior quality. With the incomparably durable steel rusted blade, this knife is built to last.

02. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox Fibrox with undoubtedly a striking piece of cutlery and unquestionably one of the best chef’s knives you can buy. If you do lots of thin slicing, this is the knife you need with its laser-tested edges. This is the knife to go for if you’re in the kitchen every day preparing meals. As far as durability goes, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

01. Imarku Professional Chef’s Kitchen Knife

The best chef’s knife ought to have a sharp edge, which is primarily the key to achieving the best cuts. The Imarku features a superior, ultra-sharp blade and will remain that way even after tasks such as removing flesh from bones or cutting through harder ingredients. The blade is further enhanced by the latest German engineering and 18% chrome finish. The handle has a professional design to reduce numbness, fatigue, and aches after using it for long.

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