Choosing the best Apple Watch bands among many brands and models on the market can be a nerve-wracking endeavor. Thankfully, we’ve got you sorted on that front.

But, first things first; Apple leads the world in innovation giving its users only the best there is on the market, and due to the passion that the company bleeds out for their products, they won’t let anything roll off the product line unless it’s perfect.

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A captivating thing about Apple watch is the interchangeable band system that sets it apart from any other watch on the market. That said, what a better way to give your watch an entirely new look other than purchasing a wand that will give it a dramatic makeover? And the beauty of it is that you can buy as many bands as you can not only for style reasons but also because they meant to suit different occasions.

Put some quality on your wrist with our hand-picked selection of top 10 bestselling Apple Watch bands.

10. FanTEK Soft Silicon Apple Wrist Strap

If you are scouting for an Apple watch band that is comfortable and durable, then this is the unit for you. It looks awesome and classy not to mention that it is made using high-quality materials. The FanTEK also comes with lugs on both sides, which lock onto your watch precisely and securely.

apple-watch-band-fantek-soft-silicone-sport-style-replacement-iwatch-strap-for-apple-wrist-watch-series-1-series-2-38mm-models-sm-size-2PICK YOUR RIGHT SIZE HERE

Note that it arrives as a pair so you need to choose the colors carefully. This band is the refined replacement for Apple Watch 38mm models only and comes in a plethora of colors to satisfy even the choosiest of tastes.


9. SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case

Do you love outside games and are concerned that your Apple watch will get scratches? Or just looking for something different? This band features a rugged design with an advanced dual layer of combined polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU to provide ultimate protection from bumps and scratches for your Apple Watch. The sturdy construction also gives band the ability to withstand a significant amount of shock.

apple-watch-case-supcase-unicorn-beetle-pro-rugged-protective-case-with-strap-bands-for-apple-watch-watch-sport-watch-edition-2015-3It also has easy to access controls, buttons, sensors and a host of other features. It is made precisely for 42mm Apple Watch. And for those who may be concerned, this band is available in a variety of colors from red to blue, gray and black.


8. eLander Apple Watch Band

If you’re looking for a high- quality and affordable Apple watch band then eLander is the one for you. It has a basic design with a smooth texture which gives it a unique sense style for those who like to keep it simple. Because of its simplicity this band a perfect fit for many occasions.

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The eLander sports solid stainless steel metal with a high-tech surface finish which makes it luxurious, noble and durable. This strap will fit perfectly on your device and feels comfortable on your wrist. In short, this is the Apple strap to go for if you’re after nobility, luxury and elegance.


7. Mkeke Apple Watch Band

This is the latest solid stainless metal replacement watchband for the second generation of Apple watches including the iWatch. It is made using the original metal clasp together with a precision stainless steel material that gives you that gorgeous look.

apple-watch-bands-solid-stainless-steel-metal-unique-polishing-replacement-with-durable-folding-clasp-2The Mkeke is designed in a way that is easy to install and remove offering you the flexibility of choice. It also comes with a removal tool and will certainly appeal to you if you’re after convenience. This band is backed by a relatively long one year warranty. According to its manufacturer, the warranty is unconditional in the case of a refund or replacement.


6. Soft Silicone Sport Style Apple Band

Another great product from FanTEK, this band, to say the least, is remarkably fashionable and classy. And just like other bands from FanTek, this one features high-quality materials which in turn translates to years of service. This strap is incredibly good to make itself a remarkable alternative to expensive sports bands.


The band comes with lugs on both sides, to lock on your watch securely. One more thing, this band goes at a pocket-friendly price, particularly when you consider that it comes in a pair. It is worth noting that the FanTEK Soft Silicone is only compatible with Apple watch 38 mm models only.


5. Fullmosa Lichi Leather Strap Replacement Band

Is leather your style? If those sounds more like you, then this is the band for you. It is made using genuine leather, unlike most bands made of plastics or PU or other synthetic materials making it impressive and durable. It suits for 42mm Apple Watch sport Edition.

apple-watch-bandsfullmosa-lichi-calf-leather-strap-replacement-band-with-stainless-metal-clasp-for-iwatch-series1-series2brown-42mm-2The Fullmosa Lichi features a pair of metal lugs or connectors. It is easy to install, and all you have to do just slide into your watch and you’re ready to go. It is slim, and its design is light weight. Note that this band comes with one pin driver attached for changing the metal connector.

apple-watch-bandsfullmosa-lichi-calf-leather-strap-replacement-band-with-stainless-metal-clasp-for-iwatch-series1-series2brown-42mm-3This band also comes with Fullmosa’s second generation connector to help reduce the likelihood that your watch will fall off your hand. As a matter of fact, this could as well be one of the most innovatively designed Apple watch bands on the market.


4. Milanese Fully Magnetic iWatch Band.

The Milanese is attractive to the eye and is within reach (regarding price) as well. It is compatible with Apple Watch & Sport & Edition Version Series 1 Series 2-42MM. If you’re a sports lover, this is the band to give your watch the required transformation. It has strong magnetic clasps that for steady and secure feel around your wrist. The Milanese is also easily adjustable for a firmer fit.

apple-watch-band-yearscase-milanese-fully-magnetic-closure-clasp-mesh-loop-stainless-steel-iwatch-band-replacement-wrist-bracelet-strap-for-apple-watch-series-1-series-2-2One of the most important considerations to make when buying an Apple watch band is the ease of adjusting the size. You certainly don’t want to end up with a band that’s too rigid. Yearscase, the makers of this band, understand this and have attached a strong magnetic clasp at the end of the band so that you can customize the fit in seconds. In fact, the buckle allows you to take part in most sports without worrying about the watch falling off your wrist.

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3. Penom Strap for Apple iWatch

The Penom features a stainless top and meshes for style and durability. If its aesthetics appeal is anything to by, then this band will add class and sophistication to your Apple watch. The design promises a comfortable fit not to mention that it is easy to use as per your needs.

apple-watch-band-penom-fully-magnetic-closure-clasp-mesh-loop-milanese-stainless-steel-bracelet-strap-for-apple-iwatch-sport-edition-42mm-black-1The magnetic clasp ensures your watch is steady and secure, so you can be sure your watch will remain intact even when you’re engaging in activities that demand physical energy. And with a 12-month, warranty attached to the Penom, you’re sure to get value for your money.

One piece of advice – do not use this band with your daily desk. Also, avoid rubbing it on the surface of the desk as it will compromise the texture. Whenever possible wear this band only when you’re attending a social gathering to add panache to your watch.


2. Penom Apple Watch Band 38mm

Making its way to our list of top 10 best Apple watch bands is Penom! Apart from being one of the most affordable Apple watch bands, this is also one of the most elegant straps you can lay your hands on. This band is available in rose gold color and will certainly bring beauty to your watch.

penom-apple-watch-band-38mm-mesh-loop-w-strong-magnetic-stainless-steel-closure-clasp-milanese-strap-bands-a-rose-gold-2It features top, stainless mesh loop and durable adapters. And as the name suggests, it is compatible with the 38mm Apple watch. To cut to the chase, this band, and everything else that comes with it is enough to give your watch a personalized feel. The soft rubber material used to make this band will ensure that you get a comfortable fit even after hours of wearing your watch.


1. FanTEK Classic Buckle iWatch Replacement Strap

Meet the FanTEK Classic Buckle, arguably the best Apple watch band on the market at the moment. This exceptional strap is elegant and meant for those who want to give their watches a distinct look.


The band comes with Lugs on both sides, making it ideal for individuals whose line of work involves a great deal of physical input. It is worth noting that this band is exclusively designed as a refined placement for 38mm models. Perhaps what makes the FanTEK Classic a one-of-a-kind band is elegant look in comparison to the original and the relatively low price. This band could as well turn out to be that Apple band you’ve been dreaming of.


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