The 10 Best Car Battery Chargers Reviewed In 2017

Have you ever woken up in the morning and realized that your car’s battery is dead and that you have to ride the bus to work? To remedy such problems effortlessly whenever they present, a battery charger is one of the best accessories to use. They are simple to use, recharge car batteries fast without lowering their value, and have light and compact designs ideal for everyday travel. Even though most contemporary models offer the foregoing benefits and more, here are our picks of the top 10 car battery chargers to buy in 2017:

10. Black & Decker BC15BD Car Battery Charger

Black & Decker BC15BD 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger with Engine Start Timer

Are you searching for a reliable car battery charger that comes in handy in the event of an emergency? Black & Decker BC15BD is an advanced 15-amp bench battery charger with a high-frequency three-stage charging system that works fast and efficiently. It has responsive engine start timer, an accurate battery voltage checker, and a patented alternator. It also has an easy-to-use and automated one-touch charging system that recharges 12-volt wet, gel, and AGM battery and starts most types of vehicles in less than eight minutes.

9. DBPOWER 300A Car Battery Charger

DBPOWER 300A Peak 8000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter DJS40 Battery Charger Phone Power Bank (BlackRed)

With an impressive 8000mAh peak power, DBPOWER 300A is a well-designed and powerful battery charger with a light and portable design. It is durable, has a striking red and black theme that is visible in the dark, and a rigorously-tested charging technology that jump starts 2.5L gas engines up to 20 times. This car battery charger has heavy-duty cables and clamps that last long. It also has a built in USB charging port, a light and portable design, and a plethora of security features (short circuit, over current, and overload). You get a three year limited manufacturer’s warranty with each purchase.

8. Stanley J5C09 Car Battery Charger

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

Stanley J5C09 is a well-built car jump starter that generates 1000 peak amperes when in use. It is durable, has a built-in 120-PSI air compressor, and an advanced automated technology that offers 500 amp instant starting power. It has USB and DC charging plugs, a 270-degree swivel high-power LED light, and a reverse polarity system with an alarm that improves safety when in use. You also get heavy-duty metal clamps, a charge and power indicator, and a well-molded and top-mounted rubber handle that improves grip.

7. Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA Car Battery Charger

Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA 1.5 Amp Speed Charge Battery Maintainer

A sought-after battery maintainer by both individuals and mechanics alike, Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA is a reliable 1.2-amp car battery charger with an advanced speed charging system that works well. It is professional-grade, has 12-volt and 6-volt chargers, and an automated system that shifts from charge to float mode once the battery is fully charged. You also get an impact-resistant plastic housing, durable ring connectors and jumper cables, and a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers all its components.

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6. Schumacher SC-1200A/CA Car Battery Charger

Schumacher SC-1200A-CA SpeedCharge 3-6-12 Amp Charger

Schumacher SC-1200A/CA is a speed-charging 3/6/12-amp battery tester and maintainer with a fully automated and microprocessor-controlled system that works efficiently. When in use, for instance, it adjusts amperage rate automatically to match the type of battery it is charging or maintaining. It also has a functional float mode for maintaining batteries in storage, and a reverse hook-up protection feature that optimized safety. This car battery charger is affordable and easy to use.

5. Black & Decker BM3B Car Battery Charger

Black & Decker BM3B 6V and 12V Battery Charger-Maintainer

Designed to work with both 12-volt and 6-volt car batteries, Black & Decker BM3B is a well-built and multi-functional charger that works fast and safely. Its large battery clips are easy to connect on vehicle DC plugs and O-ring terminals. Its high frequency and smart charging technology is innovative, while its built-in mounting bracket eases usage. When in use, this car battery charger switches from charge to float automatically. Its sealed design resists oil, dust, and moisture, while the 1-year warranty offered attests its high quality.

4. NOCO Genius G750 Car Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G750 6V-12V .75A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G750 is an ultra-safe and ultra-smart battery charger, designed to charge all fully drained lead-acid battery packs up to 30Ah. It is professional-grade. It is also easy to use, has a cutting-edge charging technology that works fast and efficiently, and has an ultra-compact and streamlined design ideal for everyday travel. NOCO Genius G750 is UV, impact, and water resistant (IP60). This car battery charger is safe, has an effective float mode, and intuitive LED light indicators.

3. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Car Battery Charger

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

With a powerful 1700 peak amp system, Jump-N-Carry JNC660 by Clore Automotive is a premium-grade car battery charger that features two heavy-duty 46-inch cables and an effective 12-volt DC power outlet. It is durable, specially designed to jump start all types of vehicles, and has an automated system that delivers superior starting power without damaging or lowering the value of batteries of cars.

2. Deltran Battery Tender (021-0128) Car Battery Charger

Deltran Battery Tender (021-0128) 1.25 Amp Battery Charger

A trusted product in the car battery-recharging niche, Deltran by Battery Tender is a high-performance accessory that generates 1.25 amps of recharging power whilst in use. It is durable, automatically switches from charge to float mode, and has a temperature compensated system and quick connect harness for accessing hard-to-reach areas. It is also affordable and has a reliable reverse polarity feature that prevents accidental damage.

1. Battery Tender 021-0123 Car Battery Charger

Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger

Popular in the 10 best car battery chargers in 2017 reviews, Battery Tender 021-0123 is a compact yet powerful 12-volt car battery charger with an impressive 12-foot output cord, reverse polarity protection, and spark proof connectors. It has an advanced four step charging system that works with all car batteries. It also has solid state LED indicators, safety circuits, and a five-year warranty.

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