10 Best Photography Lighting Sets Reviewed In 2017

Photography lighting sets can make the difference between a dull and a vibrant, delightful photo or video. In fact, a flashlight kit could be your best bet to creating a proper home-studio on the low budget. Just be sure to get equipment that is simple to use, versatile and controllable. Of course, it should also be able to produce beautiful light, a core component for great shots. With the buying basics out of the way, here are the best photography lighting sets you may want to try.

10. Neewer® 500W Photo Studio

A budget kit, the Neewer® comes with a 250DI strobe light, 75-inch light stand, and a 70 cm softbox. It is the best lighting set for photo art, advertising products, technical, scientific and industrial photography. You can use it as back, core or hair light. However, it is the softbox that gives the Neewer® an edge over its competitors. It diffuses light evenly so that you can get the best possible shot. Meanwhile, the aluminum alloy strand ensures that you have all the sturdiness you require to handle heavy duty work.

09. Neewer® 5500K Photo Studio Lighting Umbrellas

If you’re scouting for the best photography light set for reproduction, this kit is for you. It features a white translucent umbrella that can broaden, diffuse or soften the light coming from a studio flash or tungsten. It also has a head light holder to let you attach a bulb to the stand and add an extra umbrella. The quick single action locks come in handy when you want to adjust the height for better precision. Plus, the 5550 fluorescent spiral bulb generates near natural daylight for a crisper view of the items you’re illuminating.

08. Neewer 2.6M Continuous Lighting Kit

Ideal for beginners, this photography lighting set comes with an adjustable holder to allow shooting from different angles. You can shift between light streams to eliminate the shadow for a perfect photo. Because of the extra long cables, moving the softbox for best effects is easy and quick. Be sure to use the front cover to close the softbox for mixed lighting. In particular, users love the Neewer 2.6M’s completeness, seamless setup and excellent results. The pockets for poles are also an impressive feature.

07. StudioFX H9004SB2 Photography Lighting Kit

The StudioFX comes with two softboxes and an overhead hair light. The four included bulbs will create adequate illumination for your photo and video shooting. So versatile is this set that it can even work with DSLR cameras. With a continuous lighting system and muslin backdrop, you essentially get everything you require for a mobile studio. You even get a premium carrying case with every purchase. In short, StudioFX is a complete set, with no additional system needed to make it work.

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06. Emart 600W Photography Lighting Kit

It takes good quality lighting to create great images, and the Emart 600W assures exactly that. As a professional set by design, it will give amazing results irrespective of your experience. Unlike most standard photography lighting sets, this one reflects and spreads the light to eliminate spots and glare. And you don’t have to worry about spending too much to get the job done. The energy saving spiral bulb will cut the cost of illumination by up to 80%. The Emart 600W is perfect for indoor shooting.

05. LimoStudio 800W Continuous Lighting Kit

The LimoStudio is not only of the best photography lighting sets but also one of the most powerful. It comes with 6500K CFL bulbs to guarantee, bright, stunning photo and video shoots. You can use it with any camera from Nikon to Canon and Kodak and still get satisfying results. At less than 13 pounds, you can move it with ease, a handy feature for long sessions. The industrial mounting stud and solid safety legs make it an excellent choice for outdoor shooting.

04. Fancierstudio 3 Point Umbrella Lighting Kit

There’s plenty of power in the Fancierstudio thanks to its 200W incandescent bulbs. And given this set comes with two umbrellas, the price, as one shopper writes, is just insane! But, it is the incredible performance that adds value to the price tag. This set will handle all your professional video and photography needs with meticulousness. The bulb’s output remains consistent even in a series of shot without changing color temperature. The Fancierstudio could make a brilliant gift for a friend who wants to take his/her photography to the next level.

03. LimoStudio 700W Lighting Kit

Remarkably, this complete LimoStudio 700W photography kit will cost you less than most mid-range flash guns. Inside the package contains two light holders with a softbox reflector and two studio quality strobe light stands. You also get two 85W CFL 6500k light bulbs and a convenient carrying case. In essence, you will be gearing up for one gratifying shooting experience at a cost that won’t somersault past your budget! You don’t even need prior knowledge to use this set. Just follow the helpful user manual, and you’re ready to go.

02. CowboyStudio Photography & Video Lighting Kit

The CowboyStudio is a solid purchase, even for experienced photographers. While it may not be the photography lighting set that stands on the top of our list, it works well for less demanding tasks such as portrait shoot. The entire kit sets up in minutes and is easy to operate – a great combination for beginners and hobbyists. It is worth noting that this package offers continuous lighting so it could as well be a good option for your home studio. The light level is sufficient with no flickers. The construction is robust for optimal performance even with consistent use.

01. LimoStudio LMS103 Photography Kit

The LMS103 is made with high-quality materials to handle just about any video or photo shoot requirement. It combines both strobe and constant light, making it one of the most versatile photography lighting sets on the market. The premium snow white reflector will ensure that your work is free of blemishes and glares. The LMS103 will provide exceptional video pieces even in dark rooms. With a proven record of real users, this is certainly the best photography lighting set if you want something cheap without sacrificing execution and value.

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